Sonnet: And Men Fight O’er God

God is the same, no matter how you call,
-The Fountain of goodness, mercy, justice!
His heart has love for man much more than all,
And wants man back with Him to share His bliss.

Why then should men keep fighting over God?
God can’t be happy if man hates a man;
And man forgets his God and he is clod;
Each man must live according to God’s plan.

To kill a man is sin- most angers God;
His infinite mercy redeems sinners;
His just punishment may look rather odd;
His righteous men on earth are clear winners.

Embroiled are men o’er earthly small matters,
As devils turn their soul’s dress to tatters!

5-27-2002 by Dr John Celes

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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