Sonnet: And Yet, I Must Forgive

How much can I stoop? How much should I bend?
The world is getting at my nerves too much!
How much I take? How much I condescend?
How long must I extend my loving touch?

But, some are known to me and some are not;
Some are my friends and some merely strangers;
And some are ones with whom I had well fought!
While some had helped me in times of dangers!

Yet, some have irked me for a time prolonged;
And some I know have been perpetual foes;
And some have always 'gainst me truly wronged;
And some have been the cause of all my woes!

Nevertheless, I must forgive them all!
For Christ when thirsty was given just gall!

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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