(1265 - 1321 / Florence / Italy)

Sonnet: Beauty Of Her Face

For certain he hath seen all perfectness
Who among other ladies hath seen mine:
They that go with her humbly should combine
To thank their God for such peculiar grace.
So perfect is the beauty of her face
That is begets in no wise any sigh
Of envy, but draws round her a clear line
Of love, and blessed faith, and gentleness.
Merely the sight of her makes all things bow:
Not she herself alone is holier
Than all; but hers, through her, are raised above.
From all her acts such lovely graces flow
That truly one may never think of her
Without a passion of exceeding love.

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It is an absurdity that Dante is rated the 207th most notable poet. He is a part of the top 3.
this is another Sonnet, by Dante - it is not the Italian text of 'Beauty Of Her Face' Guido, i' vorrei che tu e Lapo ed io fossimo presi per incantamento, e messi in un vasel, ch'ad ogni vento per mare andasse al voler vostro e mio; sì che fortuna od altro tempio rio non ci potesse dare impedimento, anzi, vivendo sempre in un talento, di stare insieme crescesse 'l disio. E monna Vanna e monna Lagia poi, con quella ch'è sul numer de le trenta, con noi ponesse il buono incantatore: e quivi ragionar sempre d'amore, e ciascuna di lor fosse contenta, sì come i' credo che saremmo noi. (Dante Alighieri) Guido is GUIDO CAVALCANTI, an Italian poet and -probably- Dante's best friend.
......pure acts of kindness, beauty, gentleness, and grace are of the gods.. ..I feel it's impossible for any one human to obtain these qualities of greatness and sustain them permanently...if this were possible they would be perfect.. still this is a beautiful write ★
Beauty. The standard of physical beauty has changed through the centuries. There was a time that over-weight women were eulogized for the bounty of their curves. Women in the 70's thought Twiggy was the ultimate beauty, thin as a wisp as she was. Beauty of character and personality is what we should praise and seek out above all others.
it's totally enjoyable for me reading poems of yesterday i can picture how they live long time ago....thanks
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