Sonnet: Change Now For Your Soul’s Good!

Oh how time flies and how most things can change!
The ones we thought were small, appear grown up!
Everything is so different and in range;
Gone are the days together, we did sup.

The heart of man too changes with the tide;
When ‘tis for worse, then man becomes unwise;
More so when he in God does not abide;
And soul is steeped in sins, misdeeds and vice!

Alas! How longer can you live in sin?
Hell is a place from which there’s no return!
And if we can’t over the devil win;
Forev’r with him in hell, we must then burn!

Our life on Earth is for Heaven but meant;
Now is the time to think aright, repent!

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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Dr Celes - It is hard for men and women to worry about their souls when they are struggling to survive. But even the simplest life can have honor. You may enjoy my poem, 'If I should lose my soul'. I am sure you are a wonderful doctor. Thank you - Cheryl