Santa's Not An Eco-Warrior

Santa's not an Eco-warrior
And I will tell you why
But I don't want him to stop coming so you needn't start to cry
Our presents come wrapped in paper and I don't want to spoil your fun but all this wrapping paper means another forest gone.
'Batteries not included', we have to go and get those
But when the toys run out of juice of them we must dispose
Off to some huge landfill to fuel the greenhouse gases
While we'll be eating turkey and filling up wine glasses
But Santa hasn't thought this through as he widens the Ozone hole
'Cause where's he gonna live once he's melted the North Pole?

Dont get me wrong for I'm not saying'Humbug' to the Season
And I wouldn't have broached the subject unless I thought there was good reason
I don't want to stop him coming because we love it when he's been
But next year it would be good to see him change from red to green.

by David Francis Carter

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