Another Page

A papercut from a page
that should not have
had an edge so sharp
caught my attention

the hurt an amazing little pain
not intense and I know
it will heal nicely
but surprising nonetheless
made me curious

I looked at the page
closer than I had
saw the warning on top
should have been clearer
not like the watermark
that it is, embedded
in the fabric of the paper

kept reading on
thought the page
was upside down
the end seemingly on top
the start unlike
the stories that are familiar
this one somehow inverted

I'll keep reading a while
ignoring the cut
hoping the tale on this page
will end
with a good beginning

by alex haywood

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In expressing his love to his friend the poet had already used all the ideas which thought could devise, and all the expressions which language could supply. But, notwithstanding the constant repetition, the poet must not cease from his strains. Love is eternal, knowing no change in the object beloved.
........nicely penned and rhymes wonderfully ★
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out