Poem Hunter
(26 April 1564 - 23 April 1616 / Warwickshire)


I can't tell if there is suffering,

I can't keep the dates and records

I'm scared mama can

you sing me to be healthy,

it hurts mama. The chapter,

you sang to me when I cried of violence

mama you pointed me aimlessly.

When did the Earth not dance with life

you did it your plotting

it made you laugh this jest.

I saw her mama. She

was in the tall grass field

at night. How many long years

will it be til she comes back,

she's lonely. She said she sees my pity

she said to call a truce.

But not in my mind. But today,

She wants to be herself,

because no one can tell out history.

Not ever. She said she could see generation

one after the other camping,

she doesn't know what country

mama, she's scaring me. These

grasses hide her face. She tells me about

the children. She said she washed

but she said she tastes

the memories

of me. Can she hear my thoughts?

Mama is it just me? Yes.

Did you leave the footnotes?

I want to remember my history

did she do husbandry?

Is it the date?

She just got paid,

now she sees her guilt

yet her heart just keeps on going,

can't she read the headline?

What she did? It's all

there, what she did to me in doses.

You can still hear my scream if you try.

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In expressing his love to his friend the poet had already used all the ideas which thought could devise, and all the expressions which language could supply. But, notwithstanding the constant repetition, the poet must not cease from his strains. Love is eternal, knowing no change in the object beloved.
........nicely penned and rhymes wonderfully ★
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out