Tears Fall Like Petals

Sun Rays fall like shooting stars
Thunder rolls like the spiritual rock
Rolled Away on Easter
Summer falls, after the springtime

My tears fall like rose petals
Pure And True, like new hope
Passing by my window
Angels Fall like raindrops
like the first snow of winter

My eyes cry waterfalls
As my depression takes
Over my body, and I am
Unable to control it

when I lost my uncle
It seems to me
That my heart and soul were
Ripped apart
thus is why, my tears flowed
Like heavy streams of
violent rivers

Wht happens when angels fall
Like falling shooting stars
My Uncle went too soon
I loved him like a dad

For my uncle, in my life
Now a guardian angel
Forever with me
To stop the flow of
My Tears, that fall Like Petals

by Ashleigh Leona Mellon

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Continues the subject of the preceding Sonnet 109 [see box below]. The poet confesses that he had been in error, and that he had formed new acquaintance. But thus he had been led to prize still more highly his older friend, Mr. W. H. The experience he thus had was sufficient, and he was determined never again to indulge in similar wandering.
and here is.. ..SONNET 109 O, never say that I was false of heart, Though absence seem'd my flame to qualify! As easy might I from myself depart As from my soul, which in thy breast doth lie: That is my home of love: if I have rang'd, Like him that travels I return again, Just to the time, not with the time exchang'd - , So that myself bring water for my stain. Never believe, though in my nature reign'd All frailties that besiege all kinds of blood, That it could so preposterously be stain'd, To leave for nothing all thy sum of good; For nothing this wide universe I call, Save thou, my rose; in it thou art my all.
............beautiful poem ★ And worse essays proved thee my best of love.
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