My Emotions

My mind is longing for love,
A love that always own my heart
Words will not describe!
The emotions I feel inside.

When we are together,
I need to hold you close
Heart to heart, lips to lips

I love your smile, your sexy charm
Your beautiful walk,
The sweet sound of your voice
Your skinny body,

All these things set alarm
To each day I walk alone,
Your memories fill my heart
With the greatest pleasure of life

I think of you all damn day
I never dreamt much in the past
Now I do and it's for you

I will stand by your side
Till eternity,
To see that gorgeous smile
That makes me fall

Your gentle lips
And your charming skin
Oh! An angel my heart beat for

I know these words
My heart has shown
But to you I vow these words.

by Abal Kassim Savage

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The allusions in this Sonnet to Shakespeare's profession as an actor are not to be doubted. To this cause the poet attributes his errors. Poverty, compelling him to gain a livelihood by catering for public entertainment, was the source of his faults and of the scandal which they had occasioned. He would fain, at almost any cost, purify himself from the stain. He deserves to be pitied by his friend, rather than to be blamed.
again.. the same as on the previous page..
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out