(26 April 1564 - 23 April 1616 / Warwickshire)

Love Looms Large

Stephen a 'slave'
Bowed to pray
Hearing the news
Around the way
Highly delivered within
The cotton fields
Something truly rare
Something beyond compare.

A shining light
Reaches from afar
An everlasting light
A bright star
Raising the spirit
Erasing the gloom
Uniting the land
As flowers bloom.

Inspiring the vase
High on hill
Love Looms Large.
Plowing the soil
Watering the seed
And resting toil
With poetic deeds.

Lifting eagles wings
To witness price
Paid in blood
Milk and honey
And countless sacrifice.
Zoom! open door
Forward the race
Fly to goal
All faithful souls.

Voice can lift
Voice can sing
Cause Heaven rings
With loving grace
Word and water
Filling the spring.
For new spirit
Life fulfilling dream.

Time past test
Timeless spirit stands,
Courageous and strong,
Above the earth.
The super-natural
Teaches with pace
To patiently wait
Winning with truth.

God is good
Great is God
The word endures
The will free,
Faith moves mountain
Removes the fear,
To assure heart
To hold hand.

And now comes,
And choice real;
For no doubt,
Stand for right.
And flowers grow
Sharing with others
Sisters and brothers.

The purpose clear
Inside! Yes - here.
Lasting and dear,
Solid! Life eternal
Built on rock
Saving the flock
From the storm
Love Looms Large.

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this sonnet seems to be an echo of earlier sonnets (24,43,46,47) which deal with the eye/heart relationship, yet it effectively continues from the previous one and explores the theme of the totality with which the poet's soul has been invaded by the images and the presence of the beloved youth. To such an extent is he infected that the things his eye sees are no longer recorded as such, but are transmuted into the lovely features of the youth, whether they be seas, mountains, day, night, crows or doves.
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out