' Imperfection '

Mind, body and soul
made up the human
intellect and character
constitute innate wisdom

Amid the adventure of man
as he co-exists with animals
makes him superior and bold
to lead and take care of nature

Greed turns man into a fool
with selfish drive becomes evil
destroys the covenant with God
yet forgiveness if sought is free

by Marvin Brato Sr

Comments (2)

this sonnet seems to be an echo of earlier sonnets (24,43,46,47) which deal with the eye/heart relationship, yet it effectively continues from the previous one and explores the theme of the totality with which the poet's soul has been invaded by the images and the presence of the beloved youth. To such an extent is he infected that the things his eye sees are no longer recorded as such, but are transmuted into the lovely features of the youth, whether they be seas, mountains, day, night, crows or doves.
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