(26 April 1564 - 23 April 1616 / Warwickshire)



Aku mencari aku
Mungkinkah ketemu?

Aku berada di dalam aku
Tuhan tahu,

Dan aku juga tahu aku

Dan aku

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A sonnet that is one of the 'frenzied' group that starts with 147, My love is as a fever longing still, and continues up to150, possibly also including the last two of the series,151 and 152.
It is probably not necessary to interpret the conclusion in any real psychological sense, for one suspects it has little or no bearing on what the woman herself was thinking. Its importance is more that it shows the poet casting round desperately for a solution, trying to come to terms with his rejection, and in the end only succeeding in explaining it in terms of rather worn out sonneteering conventions, which leave him as blind as ever.
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