Confused! ? !

You say you love me, But how do I know it true
You say you love me, But you try to make people feel sorry for you
You say you love me, But when the last time you did for me

These are all questions I sit and ask myself
I know this cant be good for my health

So now I sit and ask myself what do I do
Do I cry or do I do what I got to do?

by Shanika Lyles

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Perhaps as a natural continuation of the renunciation of the previous sonnet, or perhaps independently of it, the poet here reflects on his woeful state.
He is like a patient in a fever who has been declared by the physician to be past cure. All his thoughts and words are like those of madmen, and everything is uttered at random, without any coherence. His fever lends him words, and although he cannot explain his infatuation, he feels it to be wrong, and yet he is compelled to continue drinking and eating the same noxious food which brought on his disease in the first place. Hence there is no escape for him, and he sees himself trapped in the black vortex of hell in which his mistress resides, and there is no release from the darkness. http: //
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