Echoing The Whining Of Life

Drumming steadily in this darkening night, taking us up and down
many pathways of memories, sticking to measures of chords that
continually enliven and send everyone into spaces of joy.

Smiles on their faces as they sing and dance with one another,
guitars strumming and echoing the whine of life as it's shouted
down in music.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (4)

The poet declines to excuse the cruelty of his beloved, which according to the traditions of the sonneteers he should be prepared to do. Nevertheless half way through the sonnet he changes his mind and finds justification for her actions.
The initial tone contrasts sharply with the readiness the poet showed to defend the beloved youth who, it seems, was all too ready to betray him. (40-42,88-9,95-6) . Here the mistress seems to be keen to give her attentions to other admirers, and does not stint to do so even in his presence, so that the pain is the double one of having her disdain him, and seeing how much she is pleased to flirt with and entrap other men.
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out
wish I could write lines like these... `Yet do not so; but since I am near slain, Kill me outright with looks and rid my pain. ~