Sonnet: Dear Child

Sweet girl, firstborn in an alien country!
’Tis sad your parents now cannot rear thee;
Grandparents tend to thee- aren’t you lucky?
Your mom and dad miss thee so miserably.

You breathed first air of a foreign country!
Be happy breathe you now your Moth’rland’s air;
Maybe, you miss your parents’ luxury;
Tho’ life to you has been unfair, ’tis fair!

The water you now drink isn’t very clean;
The food you take, less sterile than you should;
But bless’d are you, amidst a loveful scene!
Whatever happens now is for your good.

Pity your parents, who are unlucky,
And miss your screams and smiles and lullaby!

9-8 -2001 by Dr John Celes
To dear Annika

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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