Sonnet: Dr John Celes

John Celes’ Rock is one that seems to grow,
Of composite make-up, from mole to hill;
The neighborhood has all now come to know;
This Rock will grow into mountain still!

Just as the Rock comes onto view of all,
Its density becomes greater each day;
No weather change can make this Rock to fall;
But if it should, ’twill come in God’s own way.

The Rock will get its due respect some day!
They will erect a monument for him;
His Indian brothers will feel very gay;
No more, the literary sun will be dim.

John Celes’ work will shake the world one day!
His voice will thunder in the mighty way!


by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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hope......unshaken faith is still the way! lesser man of lesser pious nature may turn to bible later...... this does not mean....the bible is of value less.....