Sonnet: Eight Times The Shakespearean Sonnet Number

So sacred is my motherland India;
So sacred is my state called Tamilnad;
So sacred are its rivers, Himalaya;
An Indian citizen born, I’m so glad!

I’m proud to be my mother’s eighth male child;
I’m proud to be a man believing God;
I’m proud to be a Nature’s lover wild;
I’m proud to be an Indian Poet mod.

Thanks to my schooling, good education then;
Thanks to my good up-bringing by parents;
Thanks to my God for my talents and ken;
Thanks to my earthly-life and common sense.

Let me perform something that’s truly great!
’Tis God Almighty who can change one’s fate!

Dedicated to all my NRI brethren world-o'er!
Be proud of your origin always!
Be patriotic!

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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