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Sonnet: Evil Are Most Men These Days!
Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D., (14-2-1957 / Tamilnadu, India)

Sonnet: Evil Are Most Men These Days!

No more this world of men seems civilized!
Their vices have sent virtues to back-ground;
This modern world I know seems devilised!
From actions reckless, men appear Hell-bound!

Tho’ Satan works his newer ways on men,
And causes suff’rings to souls innocent,
Yet, watches God from His abode Heaven,
And soon, the rod to them He will present.

Men’s brains have become crafty to the core!
For money’s sake, men will do anything;
Their frenzied nature appears in the fore;
Thus, evil-doers on earth bring havoc.

But not for long as God will call His shots,
And soon they will become mere broken pots!

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