NL (03-10-1993 / People's Republic of China)

Sonnet For My Love (Full)

Looking at your face,
A thousand words surface,
A picture of serenity,
Everlasting, as the sea

Every word you say,
Makes me smile today,
Let me love you forever,
Let your love flow like the river.

My dear, I love thee so much
That the sight of thee gives me joy
Please give me thy heart,
And love me till the seas run dry

The way I love thee is profound,
No one but you can decipher.
I will guard you like a hound,
With my presence as a guardian

In the world now, my dear,
People are false and fake,
But, till we are the last persons here,
A vow of love forever I will make.

Lets not waste time, time is precious,
It is cruel, but gracious,
Every minute I spend with you,
Is bliss, like the morning dew

The sun shines on our love,
Only you, I shall serve,
No one else shall take,
The place in my heart, for you I have made

The wind blows us on,
The road of love, thereon,
Let me walk by your side,
Forever, till the day I die.

And I hope that you will accept me,
For I will love you, like no man’s love ever be.

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If I am that person that you dedicated the song or poem to i will give you a yes answer because of the deep emotions that a man had for his lover is fully shown and express the longing and the deep feeling is very toutching and it can reach to the tender site of a women's heart. I was really impressed.
beautiful... I enjoyed indulging my romatic side. I like to think this is how all men should love their partners. Regards AA Gordon