Treat Your Woman Right

It saddens me to see
how some men treat their woman so unfair
they neglect them completely
as if they didn't care
while she's waiting at home
they're out having an affair
believing all his lies
she is totally unaware

Some men expect their woman
to do everything they say
if something is not done right
their temper flares up right away
some think they have the right to dominate
a woman is not your slave
she's your partner, your lover, your mate

She will make mistakes ofcourse
she's only human you know
no need to yell, hit or curse
patience and understanding
is the way to go
some men use their woman only for pleasure
no regard about how they feel whatsoever
some men enjoy making their woman feel like dirt
they never take the time to see what she is really worth

Some men take their woman for granted
making her feel neglected and rejected
left out and not being wanted
some men never tell their woman
how beautiful she looks
Nor appreciate the little things she does
Or compliment her on how well she cooks
some men never make their woman feel special
like she is the one and only
they don't spend quality time
so she won't get lonely

Make your woman happy
don't make her cry
learn to value the water
before the well runs dry
hold on to her really tight
don't let her slip away
it doesn't hurt to treat your woman right
'I love you' would be a nice thing to say

by Paul Adolphus

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