(14-2-1957 / Tamilnadu, India)

Sonnet: God Doesn’t Forsake Us

Some allergens just cut us down to size;
Some life’s problems can pin us down to earth;
Some follies made can make us rather wise;
Some sins we do are curses right from birth!

Life gives us strife in addition from God;
The devils too can make our burden more;
Nevertheless, we shouldn’t take them as rod;
God opens us always a newer door!

Life’s tests, trials, tribulations long last;
We ought to have a heart undaunted, so;
We shouldn’t be undermined by sins of past;
On earth, the evil One’s our only foe!

All things in earthly life are transient;
Just have in you, the God, omniscient.

Copyright by Dr John Celes 3-24-2008

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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