Sonnet: God, I Wish To Be A Speck Of Dust Near Thy Feet!

I happen to be just a speck of dust,
O God, how can I ever question Thee?
To be worthy to touch Thy feet, I must
Be lucky to be blessed by Thee, sinfree!

And if Thou walk’st the road, my home nearby,
How happy my heart and my mind would be?
When back to life I’ll come, after I die
I wish to see Thee in Heaven, surely.

And though from earthly clod, Thou had me made,
Mysteriously but with a divine aim,
Let me from Thee through sins of mine, ne’er fade,
But reach the place of Mirth from whence I came.

Let me a speck of dust lie near Thy feet,
And never be displaced or ev’r retreat.

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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