Cambridge Exam

Cambridge exam is too hard,
Why study science but not art,
Working too much like retard,
Wanna tear the handouts apart,
Skipping lectures cause they s**k,
Falling asleep my eyes shut,
Slacking a lot from the start,
Having no choice but work smart,
Without solutions I am stuck,
Singaporeans love to mug,
They think fail is 2nd upper class,
No more london roasted duck,
Miss playing soccer at the park,
My Xbox is collecting dust,
Hope my motivation will last,
Library camping is a must,
Accidentally there I fart,
It smells like rotten apple tart,
Day by day I go nuts,
Like zombie with no soul & heart,
I feel emo I need a hug,
Take a cab to exam not a bus,
Wishing you guys all good luck,
Geoffrey doesn't study much,
For me I just aim to pass,
Getting a third you are f**ked.

by Terrence Phang Ying Choy

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