Sonnet: God, What Shall I Render Thee?

Oh, what can I give Thee O God, my Lord?
How can I ev’r repay thy love for me?
Oh, can I call Thee by a better word?
All that I have today are Thine truly!

Oh, can I give my labour and my toil?
But still, my energy must come from Thee;
Oh, can I offer things that grow on soil?
Alas! Nothing on earth looks heavenly!

Oh, can I give my time that Thou gav’st me?
My time is meant to serve Thee through brethren;
Oh, can I give my precious life only?
If thats the way to Heaven, let me then.

Oh show me something that is truly mine!
Thou art the Fountain of my Life, divine!

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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Dr Celes, You are really poet, the great. I congratulate you and giving that is truly mine. Infact this poem and so many poems impressed me much. I invite you to read my poem and comment. Yours, Gajananmishra