Sonnet: God Will Provide!

Your husband is the nicest man I know;
You are lucky to be his half-better!
He’s stuck to his good principles well; oh!
Never mind if he couldn’t be wealth-getter.

So thank the Lord and praise Heaven for this;
God will provide all things by miracles;
He has in store for you more earthly bliss;
He’ll guide you both through life’s few debacles!

Just pray that God should give you both, good health;
Just thank the Almighty for all He’s done;
Just stay more patient: God will give more wealth;
To live a Christian life is not some fun!
God gives us strife and with it solutions;
He uses us for His revelations.
3-6-2004 copyright by dr john celes
Dedicated to my beloved sister-in-law
Mrs. Josephine Joebert

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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