One Poem A Day For Greg Richardson

Since I see my Compass Health clinician in just two weeks,
time will pass in a winking of the eye. I promise not to cry,
or bide this website goodbye. I promised him I would start tomorrow.

What more can I say? Come tomorrow I will turn another day older.
Come tomorrow, Wednesday October 4,2017, I will turn 63.
Whatever plans for my life, are not entirely up to just me.

I badly needed to freely surrender, of my own free will,
my entire life over to Jesus Christ. He is both my beloved
savior and LORD of my life. He bequeath to me, my
inspirational gift of poetry.

He granted unto to me, my free gift of everlasting life.
All that I am or ever will be, I place securely in
the hands of the Son of Man.

Greg wants to know, if I am feeling anxious or depressed
about any thing. My heart does rejoice and my soul does sig.
Praises, and glory and wisdom and might belong to only him.
He chases my blues away and my own selfish whims!
He cleanses my mind, body, soul, and spirit too!

by Roxanne Dubarry

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