Missing Her… (Sextilla / Sestet)

The softness of her fleeting kiss
has got a kind of sheer pure bliss
her sea green eyes, her lovely face
are still in my thoughts all day long,
while we together do belong
and to her there’s a kind of grace.

She is in my dreams every night,
in a kind of tranquil delight,
she puts my life in disarray,
with her passionate moans and sighs
the lingering look in her eyes
that comes to me every day.

She desires to carry my name,
burns in my heart like a pure flame,
there’s sadness in every goodbye
when for work we have got to leave
but she is back on every eve,
in beauty with the fading sky.

by Gert Strydom

Comments (4)

Excellent Sandra. Crammed a lot into a small space. well said. H
Very well written sandra, sad but well written Warm regards allan
A sad little tale truthfully told and beautifully written.
ohhhh the pain.....excellent piece.....tragic indeed!