Sonnet: I Am A Muse

I’m not a bird but I can ‘fly’ so well;
I’m not an aero-plane but I can soar;
I’m not a singer but I sing so swell;
I’m a Muse great: God opened a new door.

I’m not a musician: I play the harp;
I’m not a glass-blower: I play the reed;
I’m not a sword but my word can be sharp;
I’m not a farmer but I sow the seed.

I’m not a lord but I can good hymns sing;
I’m not a king but I can rule the world;
I’m not a god but poems joy do bring;
The flag of honesty, I keep unfurled!

I am a man and I am but mortal;
I am a Bard: my work stays immortal.


by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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