We Are Here In Conflict

We are here in conflict
With one another.
Natural disturbances are
All around us.
We feel the earthquakes
Along the mountains.
Blowing cyclones,
Heat and snowfall,
Uprooting trees by hurricanes,
Darkness reigned everywhere.
Natural disturbances are
All around us.
The ocean with its
high waves wailed around.
The rivers and lakes agitated,
Lotuses withered.
Claps of thunder heard,
Sounds of rattling chariots
Are there inside and outside
Moutain caves and houses.
Jackals yelled vomiting strong fire,
Owls, dogs cried here there,
Asses ran hither thither in herds,
Birds flew shrieking from nests,
Cattle in the cowshed and in woods
Passed dung and urine,
Cows terrified, yielded blood,
Images of gods shed tears,
And we are here in conflict
With one another, dear.
Reason is not with us, but
Bad time is there here with us.

by Gajanan Mishra

Comments (2)

I am surprised at how much I am enjoying the poetry by Michael Drayton. It seems almost current.
Of tedious travels and oft varying fate. Unique experience.