Sonnet: I Search'D For God

I search'd for God in things of earthly mould;
I tried my best to search for Him ev'rywhere;
I sought him but found Him not; years had ro1l'd,
My heart told me, he must be somewhere near.

All life, I pray'd to Him in right earnest;
I called to Him to appear just but once!
I tried to seek Him ev'n when I did rest;
Where was He, the Almighty who weigh'd tonnes?

At last, I found Him in a child at play,
And on the road-side in a beggar's face;
He was the Good Samaritan en way,
I saw Him ’midst the blind persons in race.
If God is Truth, He dwells amongst the poor,
And in the hearts and minds kept pure for sure.

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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Dr john nice poem I enjoyed it