Call Of The Mystical One

In the monk's cave I hear those pleadings,
Prayers scattered in a temple of solitude
The path of renunciation sketched in metallic shades,
Resonating in the singing bowls,
A glacier life blazed by prophetic darśana.

In the houses of the medina,
No refuge from the cliffs of pleasure exists,
The taverns are full and the laughter goes on
Like a livid chorus,
An andante of misery, strife and avarice,
Armies versus armies brawling
For fists filled with pearls.

Those who wish to know which way to step on,
To renounce or to pursue,
Must reflect.

A beatific vision needs not a cave
Neither Krishna will appear at the tavern,
A white rook is not superior than a black rook on the chessboard,
The Numinous Potentiality is even.

One zealous in sense gratification
Carefully vested in the fruits of actions
Engrossed by the objects of manipulation
Will stay with the prosaic.

One bent by countless reverences,
Offering ovations by learned belief,
Bhakti without jnana,
Stands again, apart from it.

Oh dear Lover,
Silence is the locus where we meet.
Come, come!

by Ayni Poet

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Who can show all his love. doth love but lightly Simply superb expression. Thanks for sharing it here.
Analysis in a Poem: Her beauty is vast like a boundless Ocean, whilst he is a pool river, Charg'd with streams of zeal, her love makes his soul shiver! Flowing onward unto thee he must deliver... The accounts of his cares in which are summed his sighs and woe, Cast in his souls book which he has unclasp for her to show, and to prove his passionate love is true and untrammeled. his life is but a struggle he has conceded, but his love continues forth unimpeded... - -Please read and provide constructive criticism to my newest poem: A dream within a dream within a dream: Nighttime Reveries and Reflections. I could use advice on grammar and accented/unaccented techinque... The poem has artwork that I did at the bottom. the art is done with pen, colored pencil and crayon. Thanks
doth love but lightly, wonderful
a nice poem of the limitless distance that love can pursue beauty? WW
Streams of zeal.... thanks for posting....
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