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Poem By Zhai Yongming

Unto the boundless Ocean of thy beauty
Runs this poor river, charg'd with streams of zeal:
Returning thee the tribute of my duty,
Which here my love, my youth, my plaints reveal.
Here I unclasp the book of my charg'd soul,
Where I have cast th'accounts of all my care:
Here have I summ'd my sighs, here I enroll
How they were spent for thee; look what they are.
Look on the dear expences of my youth,
And see how just I reckon with thine eyes:
Examine well they beauty in my truth,
And cross my cares ere greater sums arise.
Read it, sweet maid, though it be done but slightly;
Who can show all his love, doth love but lightly.

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This sonnet ends well as a couplet.
A pleasant sonnet, told with ardor and affection, some exquisite use of imagery.
Who can show all his love. doth love but lightly Simply superb expression. Thanks for sharing it here.
Analysis in a Poem: Her beauty is vast like a boundless Ocean, whilst he is a pool river, Charg'd with streams of zeal, her love makes his soul shiver! Flowing onward unto thee he must deliver... The accounts of his cares in which are summed his sighs and woe, Cast in his souls book which he has unclasp for her to show, and to prove his passionate love is true and untrammeled. his life is but a struggle he has conceded, but his love continues forth unimpeded... - -Please read and provide constructive criticism to my newest poem: A dream within a dream within a dream: Nighttime Reveries and Reflections. I could use advice on grammar and accented/unaccented techinque... The poem has artwork that I did at the bottom. the art is done with pen, colored pencil and crayon. Thanks
doth love but lightly, wonderful