Sonnet: If Jesus Be Near, Why Should I Fear?

If Jesus leads me on the desert-sands,
I’m miles on foot without food or water;
If Jesus takes me into alien lands,
Why should I fear? ’Tis an easy matter.

If Jesus ferries me across river,
And storm brings heavy rain and winds that’s fierce;
If Jesus is the Doctor Faith-Healer,
My eyes can fill with only joyful tears.

If Jesus tells me to do something tough,
Alone and that too against heavy odds;
If Jesus says that I had sinned enough
I’ll readily act as per His wise words.

If Jesus tells me to take up my cross,
Why shouldn’t I do it for He is the Boss.


by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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I love the work, and then I noticed you're from Tamilnadu. I'm helping a friend there build a church - his father is a minister - Rev. Peruri. God Bless. You may be interested in my poem 'Jesus Christ calls the Hindu'