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Sonnet Ii: First Kiss
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Sonnet Ii: First Kiss

With an energy of love between our
Hands, fingers laced between the other.
That first touch of fire reveals the power
Starting to burst and starting to smother,
Tingling tightening, to squeeze off your air,
Blood rushes off to southern most parts,
Your scalp is alive with bumps in your hair,
Your face is reddened with a pounding heart,
Then he pulls you close and you feel the strength,
Of encircling arms around your waist,
Gently he presses, and kisses at length.
Then you look into his rugged soft face,
And smiling and giggling, at all this,
You try and savor your very first kiss.

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Nothing resembles such work rather the unique aspect...Exquisite work! !
This is excellent Hugs Jan
Well, I never could spell and that would be an interesting lunch indeed.
Still can't admit you didn't know what a cento was. I love your stubborness and arrogance even if you don't fess up to them. And your misspelling of the word 'talent' I think sums it up beautifully. Come to the big city down the river. I'll buy you lunch.
let's see. You confessed to being arogant and you called Centos' work 'contributions', admitting I guess that centos aren't real poems. Well, damn I agree. Now go stiff someone else. And if I am no poet why do you keep reading my poetry? ? BTW, poetry sure is easier when someone writes the lines for you. Try writing a Sonnet, even a bad one would count. Well, I'll treat you like all bad dogs and ignore you. Bad dog. Shame on you. So you have no tallent at all huh? ? Poor stuborn ol hound.
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