Darkness Surrenders To The Light

Can you discern the freedom of unbarring your soul to the only One who asks nothing in return, but love. What can we offer back but our trust and fears?
One day we will weep no more for we will have given Him both unashamedly.

Truth creates a meaning for our dreams. Ask the questions I may have missed. Write, scribble, highlight, document, journalise, whatever! Get the point across! Do not allow limitations, for life will not hesitate to pass you by.

Growing All around us a generation gone blind, unaware as the real darkness shadows their light. Illumination dims the wisdom of their Resolve.
Darkness maintains a comfort zone, A taboo and handicap to the sighted.
There survives a single unrelenting truth; sightless perspective belongs to all who lack vision. Darkness is far more sinister than the absence of light.
There is no discrimination, the desire, the forfeiture of your soul required.

Our world lacks the determination of true sightless visionaries.
(Helen Keller, Stevie Wonder, Andrea Bocelli, etc.) Accomplished individuals having shared the light of their darkness with the world. Do you believe 'things aren't always as though they appear? , Who then owns truer vision the sighted or those challenged by sight? Hold that thought for a moment.
Now, Close your eyes and ask that same question;
only this time in your new world you have never been sighted.
Your entire existence, 'blinded' by the awareness of never having known vision.

By an order of magnitude Light engulfs darkness until it exists no more,
consider what lies beyond what your limitations allow you to see.
Each dawn creates a new opportunity for the continuum of life.
Light and Life co-exist whether one lives in the darkness or light.
One needs faith, not vision, to experience the truth.

by Ghost Writer Insomnis

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And tell the unkind.... Thanks for sharing it here.
Very expressive poem indeed......10 A monument that whosoever reads May justly praise, and blame my loveless Fair.