My High School Memory


I am still here looking back to my Alma matter
Thinking the entrance exam & crowded strangers people
Thinking to my teachers & my new classmates
And Thinking how did I surpass my first day without knowing anyone?

I am still thinking to my first till fourth year in high school
Thinking to the people that I mingle, Are they still there?
Thinking of my favorite subject? Why did I love it?
Thinking of my favorite teacher? Are they still inspiring their students?

I still here thinking of my friendship, and the bhabe company
Still thinking and looking back on our graduation day.
The happiest and saddest day cuz I can’t see them again like before.
But I am still here hoping nothings change and our friendship will remain forever.

Four years ago I am still looking back
Reminiscing my high school life and friends
I am still here, missing my high school intimate friends
Are they just like before and still remembering me?

Those question that keep struggling me.
I am still here hoping to see them again
I am still here nothings change. just like before
Still keeping my high school memory as a treasure.

by ivy joy finez

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