Sonnet: In Life, ’tis Hard

’Tis hard maintaining sanctity of spouse;
’Tis hard to keep all states in unity;
’Tis hard maintaining cleanliness of house;
’Tis hard to speak always with brevity.

’Tis hard to do all things the hard way round;
’Tis hard to be polite, honest, upright;
’Tis hard to be by good principles bound;
’Tis hard to work all year, both day and night.

The ‘Spectacle of Life’ must be preserved,
Without a single scratch, clean, unbroken!
All things obtained must be truly deserved,
Iron can rust whenev’r air can dampen.

’Tis hard to maintain balance of one’s mind;
For such a man, God’s mill will surely grind.


by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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