Sonnet: Jesus Is The Answer To All Strife!

Why break your head o’er problems you can’t solve?
Why feel depressed and sad when woes long-last?
There’s nothing that our Lord cannot resolve;
Just do your duty well and forget past!

Our earthly life is imperfect, unfair;
The horoscope misleads God believers;
Our sufferings are something we must bear;
Devils are liars and big deceivers!

No one can tell the future just like that;
Prophets and soothsayers are seldom found;
The ones some say are feelings of the gut!
The Universe is always Maker-bound!

Christ Jesus is the answer to all strife:
Redeemer, Giver of Eternal Life!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 3-23-2006

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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