The Power Of A Poem

I have a poem forming in my heart

A destructive power that can tear my soul apart

But yet I still put it to paper

Driving me crazy, like an unsolved caper

A heartless destruction, I do not want to cause

But its gravitational pull, leaves me with no pause

So I must jot it whiles it’s fresh

Like a tattoo etched into my chest

The power I have all comes from the word

Takes flight like a message, on a carrier bird

Create smiles or tears to those who read

Create followers, yet I don’t lead

For that is the power I enjoy

I savor its pleasure like a child with a toy

I devour its touch like a woman caressing her lover

A foreplay so addictive the thought makes me shiver

I have a poem forming in my heart

So sweet, so special I shall give u apart

by Reginald Francois

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