The Predator

Soaring high up in the sky,
Catching sight of the slightest stir...
Hiding behind the green curtains,
Ready to pounce on the weakest...
Predators wait, with utmost stealth...
With ravenous craving, they pursue their game...
We often think,
'Do they ever have a slightest remorse?
Do they stop to see...
What the ill-fated prey feel? '
But is that the essential question?
Why do we not feel the hunger pangs of the attacker?
Why don't we muse what emotions,
Smolder in their fiery eyes?
Pity? ..Guilt? ..Regret?
Or Happiness in capturing their quarry?
Why do we never see into their needs?
Why do we never think about nature without them?
Why do we bear out the view,
'Predators are always the bad guys? '
The Lion and the Eagle convey in ominous silence,
On a silk thread, the world is balanced,
And we, predators hold one end of it...

by Raihana Abdul Jabbar

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