Sonnet: Life Has Mixed Fortunes

If not for fools, how can some be called wise?
If not for blunders, how can learning thrive?
If not for cowards, brave men would be mice;
If not for honey-bees, where is the hive?

If not for evil, what use would be good?
If not for vices, where would be virtues?
If not for money, where would be sainthood?
If not for worldliness, God needn't review.

A corrupt world makes honest folk steadfast;
An unfair world sets good men fight a cause;
A rainy day comes from a sky o'er-cast;
Our food must have both bread and to dip, sauce.

If not for darkness, why should man need light?
If not for devils, men wouldn't need God's might,

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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