The Balloons Those Are Colorless

Flocks of endless discolored balloons are departing from the death-pain...
Those who have begun a new hymn, sounds like the axe chopping in a stormy garden
I am calling them soldiers
The strange tattoo loves and laughs inside the skin
The big blue flies are flying in from somewhere
When you reach out your hand, the heaven opens and lets down the ladder
You don't know how the statue
Bears its own dead body
The silent tattoo cries from within the skin
This is all I can say to you today...
My pet cat has learned to kill the mouse now
I have got him the magic teeth, a miraculous knife
The night smiles so brightly in his eyes
And here I lay by an unknown body
and watch myself turn into a big python

by Aronno Islam

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Beautiful sonnet, Dr. Celes. We need to shine on until He takes us home. Thank you for sharing. Warm regards, Sandra