Sonnet 35, Each Moment And Hour...

Each moment and hour of life is of gold,
We should try reaching the top of our dream;
Building it here with the out coming stream,
To give us new ways that still are untold.
Before we know we have nothing to hold
Only those moments that once did all seem:
Gliding through lives like a sun raying beam
The hours of the past that did not unfold.
So has it been with each of man's demesne
That moved like the clouds upon the skies;
Civilization came, prospered and were gone.
We live in an age that so much has seen
And reached our aims with error and tries,
But there is more to be worked at and done.

by Peter S. Quinn

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.............a lovely write...wonderfully penned the way the lines flow into the next ★
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out