My Desire

I want to breathe my words on your neck
Kiss the borders of your soul as it dreams
And dance with you on an ocean liner’s deck
Whisper thoughts to beat your ear drum beams
I want to climb your mountain to its peak
Swim in your ocean until my soul drowns
And walk in your forest until my heart can’t speak
Ascend the path of your love and never come down
I want to trace the outline of your skin
Taste the scents that hide behind your mind
Soar to your heavens and glide slide again and again
Until ecstasy, paradise, perfect bliss we both find
I want to roam in the jungles of your feelings
Discover treasures that even you don’t know of
Caress the joy that you have been concealing
And celebrate the glory, the light, the warmth of our love
I want to kiss your shapes and curvatures
Listen to your laughter and your moans
Rejoice to the paths of our adventures
Attend to every subtle muscle every rigid bone
I want to make love to you like the waves do the shore
Splashing thrashing wet and wild or gentle and slow
I want to make love to you until we can do no more
Then hold you and breathe on your neck so my love you will know

by Arthor Journer

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