Sonnet: Lust

The world knows it and yet falls in this swamp,
Though knowing well one can’t come out alive;
Lust works its charms and you feel you are champ,
But stings to death like swarm of bees from hive.

Lust comes to man like dreams enjoyable too,
But leaves a tired frame and heart of guilt;
Until you fall a victim, lust holds you,
And there-after, the vice will stay in-built.

Lust blinds the eye that used to see true love,
And leaves a man both sick in mind and heart;
If not steady, it can any heart move,
And keeps the soul sinful, till you depart.

No God of love can in a soul such dwell,
Lust grows like cancer, taking soul to Hell.


by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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