Oh mother of all things, design alate,
Enlivening the flesh of every form
With will, the surging light of mortal fate:
The movement on the waters and the storm.
What is this power that defines the earth?
Exemplified by every living thing,
A God in Man, the cause of every birth,
The transcendental and eternal spring.
You filamentous twine that binds all life!
The blood in which the baptized are employed,
The alpha - prima cause of prima strife -
First light dividing from the darkest void;
Oh, in you rest the spirit and the might:
A mystery profounder than the night.

by Monos Unalos

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I am glad that I learned about this author. Her work is refreshing. Sara
That last line is poetry defined.
Powerful imagery, and stirs the emoitions. Loved it.
Shows how in touch with nature were the poets back then. Beautiful description! I also liked the rhyming style (abab cdcd efefef) , akin to how Shakespeare wrote. To me it seems the poet has put in extra effort when it is rhymed.
Nature and man in harmony immerse grief with a sigh of relief as the waves of sea do on a night poet knows pretty well to say in this beautiful sonnet!
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