You And I

You and I

She came in, tired, weary and frustrated; words poured from her lips like rain drops (Bouncing off the branches and the leaves) she recited, Eagle, kids did not get it at all, she was wrong.

We were blind. In the cave of our minds she had found virgin rocks on the side of the wall; she painted what ancient human had long done. Re-discovered those carvings are fresh and alive.

Eagle, a poem, Nasser Khosrow’s/Khanlari’s was too much politics of the time, of those days, our brains did not get at that age (ten or eleven) mystery was unknown. Now carving is so clear.

Therefore I, see her as teacher, mentor who held a burning torch in darkness for me to find my way out, realizing light from tar. An angel of righteous to me, she is to you nothing but robber.

You had your thoughts, your plans for me, to face Mecca and pray, vigilant in my religious. That is why you saw her as thief to your dreams, storming to set new painting in frame, mother.

We, you and I, dearest mother, are now of different worlds. You see an eagle as a bird. I see that. I also see her teachings. Eagle is metaphor for righteous and pride, a learned and fighter.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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I can't imagine what a desperation of thought and emotion this poet must have been going through when writing these lines.