He Taught Me

He was just a little boy
when his mom brought him to me
she asked if I would help
make him all he could be

I had doubts about myself
if I had anything to give
I reached down to what my dad left
about how a good man should live

I tried to teach him how to work
how to give and how to play
the most important thing I gave him
was the need and want to pray

We have done many things
and had a lot of fun
but getting down on our knees
praying to the father is number one

He has made me a better man
than anything that's come my way
it all goes back to that little boy
and teaching him to pray

He prays each night before his bed
each morning when he wakes
he gets the biggest smile each day
when he asks if he can say grace

I know that he will be a great man
and all the Lord wants him to be
as long as he keeps praying
and being all that he taught me

by Rusty (Ed) Gibson

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