Smoke-House Graffiti

Smoke-House / Cowshed graffiti
Written on the barn-side wall
Signed; By who that etched & burned
Left a fashion–statement's scrawl
Branded charcoal; Be its smouldering call:
Not much wanted, round these land no more
So make the best; Your futile stand
For coming forthwith; Progress, soon returns
Might have it bring, a stronger firebrand
This time; Out–lasting,
Even be your humble stand

For how much more a farmer know
The price of, old–way commodities
Then last nights reckoning; Charred–decree
Statements etched upon the plank-board's skin
Saved only; Was there a turned–round wind
Dying to the drowning sound
No.9's Pumper, spraying—Fully primed
Washing off
The Smell–tell tale of changing times
Yet! How tough it be; To burn the farmer's prize
Timber–Beam that last their mortised pride
Of 2 bit nails; Worth their iron–wrought
Bought them down at 'Shaggies' hardware shack
Made all the difference;
Fending–off this times' attack
Just now be wondered
When Progress;
Be you

To write your final
Charcoal'd... Graffiti;

by Robert Macmillan

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