Sonnet: Mary, Mother Of God

O Heavenly Mother of Jesus Christ!
O Virgin Queen, our Mother too, divine
Who bore Him, yet became disciple first,
O Mother Great of Velankanni shrine.

O Mary, born without Original Sin!
Loving Mother of God’s begotten Son;
Conceived by Holy Spirit, still virgin;
Queen of Heaven, crowned stars and sun!

From earth, Mary assumed into Heaven;
The serpent Satan failed to win, because;
Mother of Perpetual Help for all men,
Mother of Sorrows saw Son die on cross.

O Mary, Intercessor, Lord’s with thee!
Pray for sinners, on earth and Purgatory.


by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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Absolutely beautiful, and accomplished verse. Stella Maria - whether we acknowlege her or not, she still intercedes. Thank you for this. Lovexx, Will