Our Old Beloved

We still remember you pet,
For we had greats of our time,
But they can’t be the same,
We are apart for good,

We couldn’t imagine our distants,
And it was not possible at all,
But all was before we met this new bro,
Kind and so loving,
Life isn’t anything and we are happy,

He has told us a lot of things,
We couldn’t know about global amerika,
The place of happy destinies,
Not like those Kudikwembes and Dioziles…
That you talked about!

M’ember you told of living god in heaven,
He has another house in amerika,
Where he spends his weekends,
Just as we used to at Koko,
Life is brighter than before,

We’ll be back this soon in home town,
Though we can’t live together,
For the killer disease wont find us easier,
Just as it did to Marx and Engels,
Who accidentally died before they were really born,

However The professional Kapitali,
Whom we called Dakitari gave us vaccine,
A very nice dose globali,
That will help forever,
Hope you’ll like it Soseali!

by Fadhy Mtanga

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