Sonnet: O, To Be With You, Dear, Would Be Sublime

O, to be with you, Dear, would be sublime,
Together as one in the summer time;
Cosseting we’ll be, in the shade of oak,
O, my love, twixt us words need not be spoke.
Wand’ring o’er hill and by stream, hand in hand,
Going thro’ dell with the fairest in the land,
I would say thus: “You’re the light of my life”
And you’d reply: ‘I want to be your wife’.
How the sun will warm your beauteous face,
I’ll protect you with a loving embrace;
We shall dance and sing and walk together,
No one, my darling, shall us dissever.
And between us shall be a love so strong,
My Muse you will be, who can do no wrong.

by Cúcídh Mac Cuagh

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