Sonnet: Omnipotent Is God Alone

Kudos to Man, superb has been his brain;
His inquisitiveness has paid rewards;
Science- his research tool is boon, also bane;
To know the Almighty is in his cards.

The more the grey areas, man attempts to clear,
Newer vistas and frontiers get opened;
The 'High- Tech World' of modern Man is near;
Man's Hope in Science and Self appears strengthened.

Yet, Man can't Nature's fury contain still;
Nor dare to ev'r estrange himself from God;
The Soul's Spirit of today's man is ill;
But Science can't make man superior to Lord.
All hairs are numbered; even desert –sands!
The Universe abides by God's commands.

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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This poem truly express HIM who is our means of sanctification of our sin, the one who gave HIS life for us, it really express HIS love for us HIS mean towards our life HIS is the Author and the perfecter of our faith...Jesus Christ